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The BiF-it Vision

Support a worthy cause, by simply clearing your home.'s goal is to expand the concept of giving. That is, we intend to increase resources available to the community at large as well as to all other nonprofits, charities and churches. We're accomplishing this by expanding on the current donation model with our new fundraising methods.

People embrace online tools every day to help them buy and sell. Buy it Forward has invested heavily to provide a new way for people to support their favorite causes and charities. We're always improving on what we've built: a place where anyone can give back, to boost giving and fundraising.

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Who We Are

Buy it Forward, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit , has developed an online marketplace that converts donated household items into cash and the proceeds go to benefit a nonprofit, charity or church designated by the donor. The donation is tax deductible.

Now Everyone can use to easily and securely, donate and sell household items such as furniture, cars, collectibles, boats, electronics and devices, yard equipment, sports equipment and much more ; and the proceeds from the sale go directly to a nonprofit or church of their choice!

Buy it Forward not only represents an additional funding source for charitable giving; it provides a way for individuals to feel good about giving.

Buy it Forward, through its online marketplace, aspires to turn modern technology and services into action so that:

  • Everyone can give
  • Worthy causes can do more
  • You can help people in need
  • Fundraising burdens can be lifted
  • Our communities benefit

Coming in early 2019

Buy it Forward's new web & mobile-friendly app is arriving soon!

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